• The board must be placed in perpendicular position with respect to the wind, and the sail pointing to where the wind is going (leeward). You must be placed with your back turned to the wind and your feet placed as indicated above, then you must grab the uphaul with both hands. 
  • While righting the sail, check your direction to keep the board in perpendicular position with respect to the wind (beam reach). In order to do so, pull the uphaul to the nose or the tail of the board while righting the sail. If you pull to the nose, the board will turn in the wind direction (red arrows), whereas that if you pull to the tail, the board will turn against the wind direction (yellow arrows).
  • Use your bodyweight to pull the sail out the water but try to keep your back as straight as possible, it will be easier and you will not hurt yourself.
  • Right the rig by placing your hands one after the other until they are close to the boom, checking that the board remains perpendicular to the wind (beam reach). 
  • When the rig is completely out of the water, if you have kept the board beam reach, the sail will be in front of us and perpendicular to the board. 
  • Stay in waiting position: (front hand on the mast, right below the boom and with your front elbow close to your body to keep the mast as straight as possible, so its centre of gravity is placed on the mast foot and it feels light). WAITING POSITION.