Always follow these steps to start sailing, do not skip any step so you can start sailing following the right course. At the beginning, you will start with BEAM REACH, because once you  learn it, it will allow you to go away from and come back to the starting point. 

  • Always grab the mast with your front hand – do not ever let go – and keep your front elbow close to your body. You will start sailing from WAITING POSITION. 
  • Place your back hand in the boom. This hand will help you pointing the sail, trimming or letting it out depending on the course. Do not place your hands too apart from each other, place them at shoulder width. 
  • Tilt the rig slightly toward the nose, and at the same time trim the sail a little (pulling your back hand). Your board will start sailing. Keep doing so while trying to remain across board. Your board should sail straight forward if the sail’s geometrical centre (Sail Centre) is right above the DP.