1.2. The rig. Copy

The rig consists of the following pieces and parts. 

  • MAST: Spine (support) where the sail is hoisted. 
  • BOOM: Double bar placed horizontally that supports the sail and allows you to steer it. It has two parts: port (red) and starboard (green).
  • SAIL: Large piece of fabric that allows the user to catch the wind and propels the board.
  • UPHAUL: Rope that allows you to pull the rig out of the water.
  • BATTENS: The firm beams that give the sail its aerodynamic shape.
  • LEECH: The trailing edge of the sail whose end is attached to the board.
  • CLEW: Low rear corner of the sail that attaches to the boom.
  • MAST FOOT: Lowest part of the rig that connects it to your board.